The QMUL Chinese Students & Scholars Association, together with the Queen Mary University of London Confucius Institute, will be hosting a concert to celebrate the 2016 Chinese New Year festival, by showcasing and combining art and science, specific to QMUL, in an imaginative way which demonstrates not only the strengths of both individually, but the strength and appeal of the art and science when combined.

This is the first concert featuring Eastern and Western musicians in the theme of the fusion of art and science. This pioneering effort paves the way to close collaboration among different cultures and styles in music.

Guests include well-known Chinese musicians and innovative British musicians from the UK. You will hear pure music from each side and fabulous collaborations from them. Furthermore, the Magnetic Resonator Piano will present the cutting-edge augmented instrument music. You will see and hear how musicians collaborate among different cultures and styles in music.

This concert is one of the Centre for Digital Music QMUL concert series

QMUL Confucius Institute:

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